My Story

My name is Robin, I am a Wife and a Mother of a beautiful little girl.  I am a fairly easy going person and enjoy spending time with family and friends, I love movies and music, and exposing my daughter to all sorts of fun places and activities.     I was first exposed to Scentsy back in 2011 when a good friend of mine gave me my first warmer.  I received it at my baby shower and up until that point I had never even heard of the product.  It was a cute little lighted warmed with "Mary had a little lamb" enscribed on it.  Along with it I also received the scent "newborn Nursery" which smelled very much like baby powder.  It was placed in my daughter's room as soon as I got home.  Once she was born it got used daily for both the scent and the light.  It gave off the perfect amount of light to get us through the middle of the night changes and feedings without completely waking the baby like the main light would have while also ensuring that her room smelled fantastic.  When we bought our first house in 2013 I decided that I would have a housewarming party/Scentsy party to spruce up my new house while showing it off to my family and friends.  Everyone loved the products and I fell even more in love with them as well.  Instead of just the nursery staple I now have warmers in many different areas of the house for both scents as well as decorations. I decided to join the Scentsy family as a consultant in Feb. 2014.  I had recently taken a new position at my full time job which gave me a much more balanced home-work life while also giving me the type of schedule to allow me to do more fun things that I enjoy.  I really want to share Scentsy with everyone and really be able to help them find their "perfect" scent and warmer.  If you have any questions or would like to know more, Please contact me anytime.   Thanks for visiting,    Robin <!--endbody-->